This webpresence is for Tony Mason, LightSong, SWOCCphoto, Oregon Photo Tours & Koosbainia. The reason for all the different domain names is that Tony couldn’t make up his mind on what direction to go and they are all for different things (and he is using Adobe’s Portfolio because of the money saving and good/simple web page building/hosting included with his CC subscription).

Hailing from the metropolitan county seat for Coos in Oregon: Coquille (birthed and reared), he has an acknowledged strong visual scent and months of photographic experience. An all-around nice guy and part time jerk, Tony is considered by many to be a photographic legend in his own mind. Primarily self-taught - which explains a lot - he picked up a camera and really got serious about the photographic craft starting in the late 70s of the last century. Entering premier local competitions immediately gave him no awards, but persistence paid off with a few blue ribbons and eventually his first Best of Show at the county fair.

Figuring that he was superiorly talented due to a few ribbons, he started teaching others at Southwestern Oregon Community College on how to use the camera and an archaic medium called color slide film. A few more awards at the State Fair and other contests followed, along with being published in a limited number of local publications, including a booklet for the Friends of Shore Acres. But a strong case of procrastinationitis kept him from pursuing a professional career of selling to publications (it still affects him to this day).

Always a starving artist with the teaching gig paying boat loads, Tony was asked to superintend the Coos County Fair. In those days, wealth was judged by how many rolls of film you had in the freezer, but his was always caked with ice and constantly in need of defrosting. So, how could he refuse with a six figure stipend of $0000.00 for a week’s worth of work? Fame and fortune followed someone else as he cared for the Photography Department (with some help from the local camera club, Oregon Coast Photographers’ Association) for 20 years. As he faced impending insanity, it forced him to turn over complete control of the department to OCPA. And just to prove his irrationality, he is now, once again, the President of said camera club for the eighth time (if you are interested, – or .org).

LightSong: This is the area for Tony’s personal and favorite work.

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