Welcome to the page about Tony's classes in at Southwestern Oregon Community College in Coos Bay, Oregon. You can find a list of these classes on SWOCC's website (opens in new tab - select the Term and the Faculty: "Mason, Tony R" - the rest you can leave on the default settings).

Current Classes (full term):
 Photoshop for Photographers 1 & 2
 Lightroom for Photographers
 Intro to Photo Basics
Current Workshops (weekends):
 Get to Know Your Digital Camera
 Mobile Device Photography
 Elements Weekend
Current Field Trips (weekends):
 Photographing Nature: Flowing Water
 Photographing Nature: Central Oregon (Painted Hills)
 The Flowing Water last weekend was a success. The weather was overcast on Saturday for Shore Acres, and sunny for Sweet Creek - just the opposite of what I normally would want, but we made the best of it. An additional image and some thoughts are over on the LightSong page.

While the Flowing Water photographic workshop is not a "Photoshop" class, we do look at the images we shot on Saturday and I show why I do not consider the image made in camera to be the final product. With just a little work (in this case, Lightroom), the image can come alive and express how I say the landscape - my interpretation.

 Spending a chunk of time today updating this page. Managed figuring out how to have the SWOCCphoto.com domain name forwarded to this specific webpage. Added a Sweet Creek Gallery page in preparation for this weekend's field trip.
 Finished the first "Mobile Device" class last weekend. Found it interesting that of the combined 7 students from both the Sat and Sun workshops, 6 had iPhones.
 Still trying to get a handle on this website. Managed to link my domain name to it (www.lightsongimages.com), though you can also get to it with the standard www.tonymason.portfolio.com address (but if your reading this, you already know how to get here).
 Spending the day getting some Painted Hills images together for this website in preparation for the upcoming May 20-22 workshop. Plus I've been working on lessons for Lightroom for Photographers which will be starting next week (along with both Photoshop classes, the camera class and various weekend workshops).
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